About Randall K. Benton

Randall K. Benton is founder and Managing Partner of Amsterdam Holdings, LLC. He is responsible for real estate development initiatives, corporate expansion and global strategic partnerships. Combining his extensive experience and travel in the technology field with his exposure to emerging real estate markets, Randall has a proven track record for success in today’s ever-changing real estate markets. With over ten years experience in real estate investment Randall has developed a reputation for strong work ethic, successful acquisitions, positive working relationships and financial success.

Randall K. Benton has an extensive background in sales and marketing where he spent more than 16 years in the computer and technology industry with IBM, Lotus Development and Intel Corporation. He managed global accounts in the Americas and Europe.

In addition, he has spent the last 10 years in the real estate industry; personally acquiring, developing, and managing a portfolio of properties in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Costa Rica. He was also a principle investor in a real estate firm in Chicago, and was contracted to sale and market a 4500 acre development in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Randall brings a distinct perspective on real estate investing from personally acquiring, developing, marketing and selling properties in various market conditions.

He considers himself a citizen of the world, having traveled throughout Asia, India, Europe, Africa, Central and South America in recent years, This has given him a distinct perspective of global real estate market conditions and allows him to have a unique insight in real estate sales and marketing trends that only prove to be beneficial to everyone he works with.

Randall’s experience in acquiring and selling/leasing properties of all types in areas of all types in markets of all types has given him the ability to adapt new markets allowing for more success and a consistently proven track record.

Randall is a distinguished alumnus of Indiana University.