Home Renovations. Building Value.

A home is composed of many rooms, but the family room, kitchen and bath are undeniably the heart and focal point of each and every home. Our primary goal in home renovations is to provide you with an updated family room, kitchen or bath that is so well designed and constructed that your home is enjoyed for years to come. In addition, we anticipate the value of your investment being increased by these home renovations.

We partner with you to re-create and redesign these spaces to reflect your taste, and manage the available space to better reflect the current and long-term needs of your family. We’re able to help you every step of the way. Whether its a facelift for rooms in your own home or a home renovations project for your investment property, we can work with you to maximize space and comfortability to make a lasting impression for years to come.

We are capable of providing you with full home renovation services from; floor plans approved by a highly experienced and licensed structural engineer to fixture and finish selections by interior designers. From start to finish, your home renovation project will be completely promptly and smoothly with communication every step of the way.

Our Process

  1. Contact us by phone or email and we’ll discuss what you’re looking to accomplish with your home renovations and review you time-line.
  2. On-site visit to discuss specific home renovation objectives and take a look at current space.
  3. Present you with a detailed project proposal including estimated start and completion dates to begin the home renovation process.
  4. Begin Home Renovation prep and demo
  5. Manage and make adjustments as necessary
  6. Finalize and Complete project

Keep in mind, all aspects of our renovations have been done by us to many of our existing properties.

Fontaine Circle Renovation

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Montclair Renovation

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Starline Drive Renovation

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